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Transform your bathroom floors & walls with our expert craftsmanship and personalised design consultations.

Tiling & Flooring

Transform your bathroom with timeless elegance.

We understand that the foundation of a luxurious bathroom lies beneath your feet.

With our team of skilled craftsmen and designers, we embark on a journey to transform your bathroom floors into a canvas of elegance and durability.

Whether you envision the enduring charm of natural stone or the contemporary chic of luxury vinyl, our expert team is poised to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.





How Our Renovators Can Help

Unleash your creativity with personalised bathroom floors.

A key part of any renovation is the flooring in a property. To ensure that the flooring is going to be durable for many years to come, you must ensure that it is properly installed.

We provide reliable services that are sure to exceed your expectations! Best of all, the materials that we use are high-quality and typically have a warranty if there is an error linked to the quality of the material.

Porcelain Prestige

Porcelain offers a myriad of design possibilities, allowing you to tailor your bathroom floor to reflect your unique taste. The versatility of porcelain tiles extends from classic, marble-inspired patterns to contemporary, minimalist designs. With our personalised design consultations, we guide you through the selection process, ensuring that your vision for a stunning bathroom floor comes to life. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, porcelain bathroom flooring boasts remarkable durability and resilience. It's impervious to water, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms where moisture is a constant presence. This water-resistant quality not only enhances the longevity of your bathroom floor but also provides ease of maintenance, making cleaning a breeze.

Natural Stone Grandeur

Imagine stepping onto a floor that showcases the warm tones of travertine, the refined elegance of marble, or the rustic charm of slate, each stone expertly crafted by nature and expertly installed by our talented artisans. Natural stone adds a distinctive touch to your bathroom, creating a visual masterpiece that transcends trends. The beauty lies in its individuality; no two pieces are alike, ensuring that your bathroom floor is truly one-of-a-kind. Our personalised design consultations allow you to explore various natural stone options, guiding you toward the perfect choice that complements your style and preferences. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, natural stone boasts exceptional durability and longevity. Resistant to wear and tear, it withstands the rigors of daily life while retaining its timeless charm.

Ceramic Chic

Our expert team takes pride in transforming your bathroom floors into a canvas of creativity, offering a vast array of colours, patterns, and textures to suit your unique taste. Ceramic bathroom flooring is a fantastic option for those seeking a budget-friendly yet high-quality solution. With our personalised design consultations, you have the freedom to explore the countless design possibilities that ceramic tiles offer. Whether you envision a sleek, modern look or a more traditional, intricate pattern, our craftsmen bring your vision to life with precision and expertise. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this hard, glazed surface of ceramic tiles makes them resistant to stains, water, and wear, ensuring that your bathroom floor stays beautiful for years to come. This practicality makes ceramic an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like bathrooms.

Luxury Vinyl Innovation

Luxury vinyl bathroom flooring opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing you to achieve the aesthetic appeal of hardwood, stone, or ceramic without the associated maintenance challenges. With an extensive range of patterns and textures to choose from, our designers collaborate with you to create a personalised flooring solution that complements your unique style and vision for your bathroom. What sets luxury vinyl apart is its remarkable resilience. Engineered to withstand moisture, stains, and daily wear, these tiles are an ideal choice for bathrooms where practicality is paramount. The comfort underfoot and the ability to install them over existing flooring make luxury vinyl an attractive and cost-effective option for your bathroom renovation project. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results within your specified budget, ensuring a bathroom floor that stands the test of time.

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